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Get your project cloud ready. Don't worry about scaling, traffic management, backup.


What is Layka

"Layka" is an open-source JavaScript framework, perfect for creating Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. It not only integrates smoothly with a variety of cloud services, making it cloud-ready, but also comes with a ready-to-use UI kit. This enables faster application development as developers can focus on creating unique features, while Layka takes care of the common backend tasks and UI elements.


Full JavaScript Stack

Meet Layka, an open-source framework using only JavaScript. It's perfect for both expert developers and newcomers. Using JavaScript for both frontend and backend lets you share code and cuts down on switching between languages. That means you can concentrate on making great apps.

Cloud-Ready Applications

Layka is built for easy deployment to the Amazon cloud. No need for managing your own servers. With Layka, you can scale your apps, control costs, and use the many services Amazon Web Services offer.

Backend CRUD Framework

Layka comes with a ready-made CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) framework. This code structure manages basic data operations, leaving you more time to develop unique app features. Backend development is a piece of cake with Layka.

Ready-to-use Frontend Components

Layka has a set of reusable frontend components. Use these ready-made buttons, menus, and forms to speed up your work. These components can be customized easily and provide a consistent look for your apps. With Layka, frontend development is quicker and easier.

Technologies You Already Know, No Learning Costs

Layka uses the technology you're familiar with. Enjoy using popular JavaScript libraries like React, Node.js, Nest.js and scale your app with Amazon's cloud services. Choose between MongoDB and PostgreSQL for managing your data. With Layka, you use what you already know, saving you time and effort.

Cut Down Costs and Complexity.

By using Layka, which combines React for the frontend and the Nest framework for the backend, there's no need for different tech stack developers.

Get Started

Reduce Devolopment Coast

Layka helps you save time, resources, and effort. Our full JavaScript framework comes with ready-to-use CRUD functions. No need to build your application from the ground up. Use the cloud to avoid server costs, and our reusable frontend components for efficient UI development. Layka lets you focus on building unique features, reducing costs without losing quality.

  • Full Javascript
  • Affordable Development Cost
  • Clean Architecture

Easy Integration with Cloud

Step into the cloud easily with Layka. Our framework helps you move to Amazon Web Services, freeing you from managing your own servers. Layka ensures you can deploy, manage, and scale your applications with ease. Take full advantage of the cloud's convenience, scalability, and power with Layka.

  • PostgreSQL on Cloud
  • MongoDB on Cloud
  • Redis on Cloud
  • File Storage (Amazon S3)
  • Deployment (Amazon)
  • Notification (Email, Push, SMS)

Start Your Project with Ready Backend Framework

Get your project moving quickly with Layka's ready-to-use backend framework. It comes with a solid CRUD setup for managing data easily from the start. No need to build a backend from the beginning. With Layka, you can spend more time on creating unique features. This makes developing your app faster and easier. With Layka, your project gets a fast start.

  • Register Services (email, gmail)
  • Login
  • User, Role, Permission, File, Log Management
  • Organization Management
  • Localization
  • Cache
  • CRUD Functions
  • Background Jobs
  • Payment Gateway

Ready-to-use UI Kit

Start building your app faster with Layka's ready-to-use UI Kit. Our prebuilt frontend components help speed up building an attractive, user-friendly interface. No need to make common UI elements from scratch. We've got reusable buttons, forms, menus, and more. Layka's UI Kit makes creating a professional and engaging user experience easier.

  • UIkit on ReactSuit
  • Login, Register, Users, Roles, Permissions screens
  • Organization screens